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Fox was named for Dr. J.M. Fox, first manager of the Rocky Fork Coao Co. & the Rocky Fork & Cooke City Railroad. At one time, Fox had 2 elevators & was the largest grain shipping point in Carbon Co. Finnish immigrant miners settled here, & as late as 1920 their children still spoke Finnish at home & on the playground, and English only in the classroom.


What started out as a simple roof stripping and replacing with a new steel roof, new siding on office section, and some new windows quickly turned into a complete teardown of the old roof and walls on the east side (tunnel, office). As we began tearing into the old structure it was evident that the walls and roof making up the tunnel and office would need a complete reconstruction. The project has a major positive component in raising the tunnel 2.5 feet. When the Fox elevator was built in the 1940's era the trucks of the day were only about 8 to 9 feet tall at most. In the modern day of trucks the exhaust stacks can be over 13' tall. The issue is that inorder to unload product in the elevator for storage the trucks have to go thru the tunnel to dump the load. When a truck came to the elevator to unload the only options were to politely ask the driver to remove the stacks off of his truck. This was not leading to a good experience for either the elevator operator or the truck driver. The other option was to unhook the (pup) from the main trailer and back the main trailer in to unload. After the main trailer was unloaded a tractor would pull the pup into the tunnel to unload. We looked at that situation and decided the time was right to perform the raising of the roof. The office area has been rebuilt from the floor up. The renovation will provide a work environment that will be utilized year round.



We purchased an updated Air Spreader this spring with GPS Guidance and improved performance for our customers.


We have also added to the fleet a multi purpose fertilizer tender / grain trailer to better serve our customers by hauling more product in a more timely fashion.


We are now offering a full liquid fertilizer product line available with a completely self contained pivot injection system for your fertigation needs.

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